vietnam breakdance crew

On July 1, HaNoi’s Cau Giay Sports House had held VietNam’s first-ever national break-dancing competition gathering 15 teams from three regions, including famous troupes like Bigtoe [Tonny Viet’s former crew], Freestyle and Fido, along with guests like Loggers and rapper Minh Kien. The event is sponsored by the Goethe Institute in Hanoi and the Vietnam Electronic Sports and Recreational Sports Association (VESRA).


Break-dancing has been in Vietnam for nearly two decades but it is still not recognised as an official art. However, the number of break-dancers is increasing and many break-dance clubs and troupes have been set up throughout the country.

Named “Battle of the Year”, this is the largest event for break-dancers in Vietnam so far. The jury had break-dance experts from Germany, Japan and South Korea.

The champion, famous troupe Big Toe, will go to Singapore for the Asian Break-dance Championship this August.

Sources: VietNamNet




Here is one of Big Toe’s performances: