Although Ngo Kien Huy & Dong Nhi are currently still reigning as Vpop’s cutest duet couple, I would have to say that rocker Trieu Hoang & Miss Teen 08 Huyen Trang are practically up to par with this couple’s chemistry. It’s just that Kien-Nhi’s chemistry is more of the “funny-cute” whereas Hoang-Trang’s chemistry is more of the “romantic-cute.” Either way, I love them all. Check out Hoang-Trang’s “romantic-cute” performance  of their duet “Yeu/Love” on the recent airing of 2!Idol:

And I would just like to point out that our Miss Teen Huyen Trang is seemingly getting lovelier by the day. The girl’s smile is definitely a charmer, and I bet it had took only one flash of those pearly whites for Trieu Hoang to request this collaboration. Lol, I could just imagine.

Anyway, here is Trieu Hoang’s solo performance of his hit single (& one of my favorite songs) “Buong Xuoi/Letting Go.” Enjoy: