hoo ngoc ha
A busy summer indeed.

With the date and location of her heavily-anticipated first solo show still unreleased, fans are worried that the recession has not provided the ideal time for the rising star to launch a major show. But Ha says she sees it differently.

“The financial crisis isn’t a burden to me, so there is no pressure, especially for the coming concert. I’m lucky that I have a lot of sponsors, but how well I perform is another matter.”

She goes on to reveal that her single will include an energetic dance song, and a really lovable love song that she believes the audience will like to.

Her new single, which will include two bonus tracks and two music videos, is set to be released sometime in July as a teaser for what everyone says will be an extravagant live concert.

Ho Ngoc Ha

When asked if it was easy for her to succeed, Ha became reflective: “I remember how hard it was and all the depressions I passed along the way.”

Ha says part of that came from a heart-breaking romance with Duc Tri, who produced her first hit work. I believe Duc Tri is also the founding father of Music Faces Entertainment in which Ha is currently under….talk about awkard.

“I no longer believe in the long-lasting and head-over-heals love,” she says. “I am a demanding woman, and need my lover to love me more and more each day. But that’s unrealistic. There is nothing like that. Now I focus on working.” (ThanhNien)

Anyway, if her new single is going to be anything like one of her old hit singles– “Giac Mo Chi La Giac Mo/A Dream is Only a Dream,” then I’ll definitely be picking up a copy. Here’s a little something to reminisce to: