Mi Van is cute for June:

mi van

Awkward star moments (L-R, Top-Bottom): Dang Khoi & Thuy Tien spotted eating street food, Luong Bich Huu visits drink stall looking all rachety, Dan Truong practices safe driving, we don’t care about Luu Huong Giang (whoever that is), and Bao Thy strikes a pose with tomatoes (?) in a buffet:Yeah1!--so2-(3-98)-42

Notorious as Vpop’s most playful pals, Wanbi & Dong Nhi creates chaos even during their The Gioi Vpop Tophits Summer Tour:Yeah1!--so2-(3-98)-43

Click here to watch some “The Gioi Vpop Tophits Summer Tour” stories:3659976576_f5c6d6d929_b

Luong Bich Huu likes cartoons…? :Untitled


From the wise words of Johnny-boy: “You will suceed fast with Passion (and good looks. Hahha, let’s get real.)”Untitled 2

Betcha didn’t know Takej Minh Huy also has his own clothing shop. Oh the colors:Untitled 2

Thu Thuy‘s first time as both a stylist and model; the styling might need some work but girl is def looking cute:Yeah1-so2-muahexinh_(8)

Anh Hai (big brother) Lam Truong & his phone story (we were too lazy to read this but be our guest 🙂 ) :Untitled

Thien Minh & Yen Trang (minus the hair) are luking gewddd for summer:thien minh & Yen Trang

My Tam behind the scenes of her “Nang Buoc Ngay Mai/Helping Tomorrow” charity concert:Yeah1! My tam

Picture credits: Yeah1 & Robbey.