Well technically, as said in Zing’s recent interview with the 18-yr-old (17 in US age), Khong Tu Quynh is currently dealing with  “digestion disorders” and has received much support. Although there has been no specific news dedicated to just her health, it is clear that something is amiss. Rewinding back to June 20th during the The Gioi Vpop Tophits Summer Tour, it was reported by Kenh14 that the girl had lost a drastic 5 kg (about 11 lbs) prior to the concerts. We can’t exactly put together a Before & After shot because there wasn’t much of a difference to her appearance, but I was just surprised to hear that her already skinny lil’ body actually had 11 pounds to spare.

the picture that captioned her 5 kg loss

the picture that captioned Khong Tu Quynh's 5 kg loss

But no one else seems to be surprised..or worried, because in VietNam (or most other Asian cultures), the skinnier you are, the better, the more you will get praised, and the more  people will worship you like Gods.  However, we do believe that this sudden weight loss is completely unintentional and involuntarily because as a teen singer, the girl seems to have a hell of a lot on her plate with all those concerts/shows, endorsements, and of course, the works of her Vol 1 album in wrap-up. Anyway, we hope her digestion disorder becomes un-disorderly and that she won’t pull a “My Tam” on us anytime  soon….or ever at all.