In the case of running concerts/shows, falsely advertising someone’s famous name has always been the guaranteeing strategy to attract a larger audience. Because these ads falsely promise the appearance of a singer, many people would attend a show in hopes of seeing their idols perform when instead all they get is a bunch of local no namers. This in turn would usually cause a backlash against, not the organizer, but the singers themselves, (who usually doesn’t even have a clue as to wtf is going on) for unreasonably ditching and disappointing fans. In only the past week, 4 of Vpop’s well-known stars have already found themselves caught up in this incident–one of which was Ngo Kien Huy who apparently was not a first time victim. It is, though, for the first time that the cutie and his agency, Music Box, will be taking legal actions to prevent any further decrement of the idol’s image. He has finally had enough of these trifling tactics and believes that this is extremely unprofessional of any music company.

Huy had only heard of this news after hearing of his Northern region fans discussing these spotted banners advertised by Sao Viet/Viet Stars for some concert called “Con Co Be Be (a children’s song?? o.O)” held on July 1st:

t206370Trieu Hoang was also another name used on the banner without any prior invitation to the show.

More recent victims even included Khanh Phuong & child star Be Xuan Mai. Yes, that itty bitty girl who most likely have graced your Tv screen once before, has finally hit puberty and, now, even has extravagant plans for her comeback.

be xuan mai & khanh phuong
Xuan Mai & Khanh Phuong

But honestly………what happened?? Is it just me..or could this 14-yr-old girl actually pass for a 40 yr old woman with a good botox job?