What? Again??

No not again… Apparently, the highly anticipated teen series “Chit & Pi” which had been in the works  since last last year with plans for hitting the little screen summer of last year had so far lain dormant for about 15 months now and still in counting. In a recent  interview with Hong Ha Van (Chit from the series), the girl reveals that the series will finally return from hiatus this summer. And of course no specific date was given, so if they once again fail to deliver this summer, we can always bet on next summer, or next next summer, or next next next summer, right? What kind of twisted PR is this? =___o

The series, by FPT Media & VIMAX films, tells a bright & innocent story of 2 female classmates, nicknamed Chit and Pi, who after getting acquainted, immediately became best friends. Their lives get even more enmeshed in each other’s when the girls’ successful hook up plans for Chit’s single mother and Pi’s single father actually made them sisters living under the same roof. But as usual, things will be taking its toll when their personality  finally clash.  Would their plans be short lived? Will the funny Tang Nhat Tue & Thuy Top couple become an item? Will Dang Khoi’s hot brother, Nguyễn Đăng Nguyên, hook up with Pi? Will Chit end up with Canon? Will “Chit & Pi” become another target for nitpicky antis to unreasonably ridicule as with “Bo Tu 10a8“? I guess we will only have to wait and see.

Director: Ngô Quang Hải (“Story of Pao”)
2nd director: Nguyễn Hoàng Điệp (“Bộ tứ 10A8”)
Picture director: Phạm Quang Vĩnh
Script: Lê Quốc Đạt, Phạm Phương Thảo, Đặng Việt Trung
Producer: Đỗ Thị Hải Yến (lead actress in “The Quiet American”)
Camera: Minh Quang
Production company: FPT Media, VIMAX films
Episodes: 26 (45 minutes each) on VTC
format: HD


The OST will include songs composed by Tang Nhat Tue like “Như­ bình minh bắt đầu/Like The Awakening of Dawn” by Thuy Chi and “Ánh sáng của bầu trời/Brightness of the Sky” by Toc Tien.

Main Characters:

The Girls:
Hạ Hồng Vân
as Lê Bảo Hân aka Chít
Phạm Thanh Hòa as Lê Bảo Trân aka Pi
Huỳnh Minh Thủy/Thuy Top as Mỡ (Fat)
Bùi Thùy Linh/Linh 3B as Rùa (Turtle)
Bùi Hương Giang as Tiên Tri (the girl that looks like she’s balding in the trailer at 0:40)
The Guys:
Tăng Nhật Tuệ as Kute
Nguyễn Đăng Nguyên as Handsome
Nguyễn Quang Minh as Canon
Hoàng Tuấn Kiên as IT
The Parents:
Quách Thu Phương as Chít’s mother
Phan Anh as Pi’s father

And don’t even ask about the strange nicknames…it’s a teen Viet thing 😉

chit & pi

Chit & Pi is the first TV drama to use the Flying cam technique.

Mo & Handsome

Thuy Top as Mo & Dang Nguyen as Handsome

Tang Nhat Tue as Kute

Tang Nhat Tue as Kute

hoang tuan kien

Left: Tuan Kien as IT; Right: Quang Minh as Canon & Linh 3b as Rua


L-R: Canon, Kute, Handsome, & IT (yea, I still can't help but giggle about the nicknames either)


chit & pi

chit & pi


Chit & Canon

chit & pi