tim 2

With the old Tim just barely out of the picture (as in not even close -_-” ), Thien Thi is already busy at concocting more promotional plans for their new and kindof-but-not-really-improved Tim. It has just been revealed that even Thien Thi‘s last family visit to the Thien An nursing home was actually also a PR deed for Tim’s new “meaningful” song called “Bao la tình người/Vast Humanity.”

Because the song is supposed to be a substantial one, I’ll go easy and just say that his vocals aren’t too shabby considering how the boy doesn’t sound so much like a croaking frog anymore like he did in his debut song “Mot Cuoc Tinh Tan Vo/A Broken Love Story”. Surprisingly, the song still managed to climb up to the #15 rank on Zing’s monthly music chart, so surely Minh Hang’s feature in the song must’ve  had something to do with that :).

tim & minh hang

But with that aside…here’s another question that is once again doubting my own judgment: Is it just me or is this boy absolutely incapable of properly opening his eyes? (No chinky Asian jokes intended of course). I mean, if for any strange reasons that Pokemon was to ever go live-action, this boy’s a definite shoo-in for Brock.