For anyone curious about how she’s been doing post-divorce drama and all that jazz, here’s a quencher. Since her last production project with the movie “14 days” starring Trinh Hoi, she seems to have found her calling…except not in the limelight as most of us had first gotten to know & love her through. This time around, Thy is still pursuing the industry, but instead, as the big woman in charge of a whole music channel called YANTV. (Impressive)

YANTV, or Yeu Am Nhac/Love Music TV, is what you would call the VietNamese equivalent to MTV, except unlike MTV where shows of crude humor mainly dominates in airing time, YANTV actually plays music…and not the “Fuck bitches, get money” kind either. (Not that I don’t love Lil Wayne or anything 😉 )


Lol, how cute is this picture?

As a production director of YANTV, Thy is in charge of such jobs like attending production meetings, discussing program matters,  and estimating production lengths for each program performed. Depending on each project, she also makes decisions for details like clothes, scripts, arrangements, locations, and even hair & make up.

As a mother, though, her day seems much more exhausting. Routinely waking up at 6 every weekday, she is to prepare her 2 girls for school. The older one takes a paid motorbike to school while she personally brings her younger daughter to school in Binh Thanh District where she stops by a gym nearby before work. After getting off work at 7 and eating dinner with her daughters, the 3 would do homework together. And after putting her daughters to bed, Thy would continue her work on the laptop.

Having to raise two daughters alone is not an easy task but I feel  fortunate to be in Vietnam and being able to hire helpers without  having to worry about cleaning house. But on the other hand I also do not want our lives to be too dependent on others so I usually teach the children to clean after themselves. Weekends are usually when we do the house chores together.

I often tell myself to separate work and family matters but honestly that is still hard to do. I’d often bring work home to do. Sometimes I’d work even during dinner and  continue after the girls are asleep.

But on weekends, I’d always try to spend time with them. I believe that to be a good household leader, I should be close to my daughters and set out time for them.

When asked if she had ever felt awkward about doing her past interviews since they, more than often, tend to ask about the overrated Johnny Tri Nguyen–Ngo Thanh Van–Viet Thy relationships, Thy responds that she does not feel awkward since she did not do anything wrong.

Whatever happened had already happened though I do think that any injuries will leave a scar.

I believe that you can always overcome the difficulties in past relationships and so I can surely affirm that I don’t feel burdened by this anymore. Although my life now is not perfect, I am still happy with it. I have 2 adorable daughters, a roof over our heads, and a wonderful job. What more could I want?