truong tri truc diem

Because of J’s previous allergic reaction to the thick dark makeup her character in “Nhat Ky Bach Tuyet” is supposed to don, the production crew has taken a little break from filming in order for her skin to fully recover. In this time period, J was spotted makeup-less in Bangkok, Thailand shopping up a storm with a few of her close friends:

truong tri truc diemtruong tri truc diem

And this is what they did to the poor girl’s face for the film:

truong tri truc diem

Snow White has become Snow Tanned-to-a-crisp. Oh the sacrifices.


Butttt, the girl could pull it off so I shall def. be expecting a decent movie.


As for Vinh Thuy, boy needs to hurry up and make his appearence on the set already. I’m actually getting anxious just to see what kind of surprising wardrobe/weird make over ideas the production is having in store for him as a hired Prince.