khong tu quynh

So my womanly instincts were right afterall (not that I would want to be right about such a thing anyway) .

For a month now, fans have been speculating Khong Tu Quynh’s, disappearance after the The Gioi Vpop Summer Tophits Tour, and there has finally been word from her company NewGen. Due to stress from school finals & a busy itinerary as well as overworking, her health was overlooked and necglected. Khong Tu Quynh was reported to have dramatically dropped a surprising 11 pounds after the tour and since before the tour she was also reported to have lost another 11 pounds, I’m going to guess that these 2 findings were from separate reports and therefore, she had actually lost a total of 22 pounds. But of course, unless they really meant that her ‘after-tour’ loss is the same as the ‘before-tour’ loss, then..11 pounds is still a lot for a girl of Khong Tu Quynh‘s  original physique. Because of this, she was quickly admitted into a hospital and has stayed there for the past month or so. Fans were also reassured that her current state is nothing critical, but she is still unable to perform onstage and so will be staying there until enough of her health recovers.

a non-bubbly KTQ, taken during health problems

And this would be her fans showing support after hearing of the news; “Dau Tay/Strawberry (girl)” refers to KTQ–a nickname given after her first single.
khong tu quynh fan
“Nam Canh” is a fatty dinosaur in some cartoon that KTQ likes. Aw, lol.

In other news, Khong Tu Quynh’s  music video & Vol 1 album will officially drop early August. As always, no specific date was given so hopefully by then, her health will totally recover and nothing will have to be postponed. Also, God forbid when that time actually does  come, the girl won’t be worked to her bones again with promotions and such.  All the best wishes to her then!