ho ngoc ha

Yesterday(July 13th) was the monthly Gold Album music award show, and although Hien Thuc won the overall excellency award for her “Portrait 17” album, Ho Ngoc Ha‘s performance of “Xin Hay Thu Tha/Please Forgive (My Apologies)” , to me, was the real highlight of the show.

So you must be wondering what is there to forgive? Well……….please refer to the video below with her outfit in mind. This tacky tourist look actually makes her earlier Spiderman costume look good. But anyway, despite the flowery hot mess of an outfit, woman was still rockin’ it last night (song starts at about 2:25):

This catchy song will be one of the 3 tracks on her first single to be released in a few days.

Check out the teaser for the single’s music video: