After much recognition from the cover “Mat Em/Losing you” followed by the instant hit “100% Love You,” and most recently with yet another hit–  “Neu/If,” the boy is on a clear roll to possessing all 4 Aces.

With this, Noo has recently revealed his company’s plans for “delaying” the second cover (as in there will still be another cover -_- ) from the “Boys Over Flower OST” because listeners will probably still give the boy much flack until he can fully confirm his vocals. Instead, there will be special plans for a collaboration between Noo & Thuy Tien (from the same company) as well as his future mini album release.

Wise choice….but if you ask me, fuck with the cover and just continue with the original hits. Why screw up your image now when you’ve already gotten this far? I mean.. c’mon, we all know you can sing. We just don’t know if you will be a good “artist” if people begin associating the word “cover” to your name. o.O

Anyway, here’s “Neu” from the 16th episode of “The Gioi Vpop” by composer Phúc Trường :

And the photoshoot for his latest digital single “Neu” :