dong nhi 2

I must’ve jinxed it when I wrote “I’m surprised we barely ever hear of these car accident news.” Way to go fingers.

But anyway, yes, Dong Nhi did get into a motorbike wreck and yes she’s ok. Actually, compared to Khong Tu Quynh’s digestive disorder and Quynh Nga’s vehicle turnover, Dong Nhi was probably the most fortunate victim as the girl didn’t even take a little time off to recuperate.

There really is some “luck” in “badluck”. That night, I had a show but it was raining. I called a Taxi but it never came, so because I was afraid that my tardy would affect the rest of the show, my manager & I threw on a raincoat and he drove me via motorbike to my concert. Everything was fine until at Ben Thanh Street where unluckily, we came into contact with another bike riding parallel to us. My manager quickly swirved and thats how… *sniffs*. Luckily, all reports at the hospital weren’t serious. Only my forehead was injured and my knees suffered a few scrapes so there was no need to cancel any previous contracted shows.
still performing

Dong Nhi performing even with her forehead bandaged. Now that's dedication. (photo curtesy of DN's fanclub)

Because Nhi is still up and running, the accident won’t be too much of a blow on her Vol 1 Album plans whose release have been delayed since last year. She is also currently still filming for the last few scenes of her music video with director Quang Huy so, uhh, hopefully they’ll at least wait until her forehead can go without that big bandaid to actually continue. The album will be released sometime.. eventually. Yeaaa, I really wish for once, that these artists can actually give us a set date, but knowing how indecisive VietNamese people tend to be sometimes.. we’ll definitely be hearing a lot more of these maybe’s, eventually’s and soon’s.

PS: We wish you a speedy recovery DN.

PSS: Here’s the little teaser for her MV from way back in January, so just disregard the part about her album being released in February since that obviously didn’t happen. Lol. (0:00-1:00)

And just in case you didn’t catch it, DN will be playing a 2 timer…………….with Saetti Baggio as the third wheel..Vhat?????