lieu anh tuan

If only she knew how successful he would be 2 years later… The poor girl must be wallowing in her regrets right now.

In a recent interview with Zing, Lieu personally discloses his love life with a sob story about his third & latest relationship from 2 years ago. Out of all his ex girlfriends, the one whom he was most in love with was also the one that broke his wittle hearty wearty the most. During the time period that they were going out, the girl managed to promiscuously hook up with someone else behind Lieu’s back…And for a whole year, Lieu hadn’t the slightest clue.  After finding out though, he called it quits and did not keep any contact with her. Even on the day before is Vol 2 album release when she called to wish him luck with the press conference, Lieu refused to answer. When asked if he might’ve been a little too petty by doing that, Lieu responded that he only wanted  it to not  let it get to his head so he could focus on his music. Apparently after the breakup, Lieu suffered from severe stress and even had to take a break to sort things out. Till this day, he would even still reminisce about that little itch.

lieu anh tuan

When returning to the industry as a solo artist (he used to be a member of La Thang Band) Lieu had put much effort into making a name for himself through his comeback. Also, nearly half a billion VND (28,000-ish USD) was invested into his Vol. 2. But with the high piracy rates in VietNam, this decision is surely a risk.–especially for someone not conquering the masses since his concept will most likely only appeal to the new generation. He is even gambling with his career by giving it a 3 year’s time to “live or die with music.” Whether he will be raking in profits or debts will determine whether he is able to continue or halt. But even if “game over” was the case, Lieu said he will just consider it as being able to start a fresh new game….at square 1…..

So far, the only mishap was the leak of his “Co Le/Maybe” music video a month before the actual album was officially released. The culprit behind the leak turned out to be a backup dancer who apparently did not know he couldn’t upload the video since the director had given a copy to everyone that took part in the video as a souvenir. But even so, the blunder did not seem to have hindered his goals at all. And because we will be expecting to hear more from him even after the 3 years deadline, show your support and quit bootleggin’ people 🙂 .