So much for actually looking forward to this drama…

According to our latest updates, Miss VietNam 08 runner up, Duong Truong Thien Ly who will be playing the role of Queen Trần Thị Dung alongside Hua Vi Van as King Lý Huệ Tông and Thiên Bảo as great mentor Tran Thu Do, has officially announced her withdrawal from the historic drama. Although no specific reason was given for this decision, Ly did admit to the difficulties of synchronizing her personal schedule (mainly school-related) to the filming schedule. From what her mom had shared, Ly was extremely excited to take part in this drama and was even taking classes in America to prepare for her role while also rejecting 6 other movie offers just to participate in “Tran Thu Do.” Unfortunately, it did not work out for various reasons that even her mother does not know.

Ly’s contract with the movie company, Truyện 1, will officially nullify on July 22.

Because her withdrawal from the drama was not too big of a blow on the production  since scenes filmed with Ly, so far,  were very little, I suppose she will easily be getting off the hook with little penalties. In the meantime, Truyện 1 is also searching high and low for a replacement queen who can at least live up to half of the hype Ly had already bestowed upon this production. Let’s all pray for this one shall we? :/