raymond lam, bao thy, ho ngoc ha, luong bich huu

Choosing to officially kick off his 2009 Asia tour with VietNam, singer and TVB actor, Raymond Lam (Viet name Lâm Phong), has safely arrived in HCMC earlier today–July 20. 

At the airport, while checking out, the Chinese singer kept smiling and waving to about two hundred local fans, who had braved the bad weather and queued up at the airport since early morning. (My married aunt with 3 children was one of them -_________- )



Lol Even actor Nguyễn Văn Tùng (the father from Bong Dung Muong Khoc) became a bodyguard.

Actor Nguyễn Văn Tùng (the father from Bong Dung Muong Khoc) was in charge of welcoming & picking up the TVB star.

Raymond will stay at the Caravelle Hotel for 3 days until his concert on July 22nd at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center, District 7.

Three local guests confirmed to perform at his show are Ho Ngoc Ha, Luong Bich Huu and Bao Thy. Since the highlight of the concert will be Raymond’s duet with one of these still-kept-underwrap ladies, here are VietChannel’s  exclusive BS (berry simple) equations to the most likely candidate:

Raymond Lam = Chinese + Cantonese
Bao Thy = VietNamese + VietNamese
2(VietNamese) =/= Chinese + Cantonese
Raymond Lam =/= Bao Thy

Raymond Lam = Chinese + Cantonese
Ho Ngoc Ha = Viet/French +VietNamese
1.5(VietNamese) + .5 (French) =/= Chinese + Cantonese
Raymond Lam =/= Ho Ngoc Ha

Raymond Lam = Chinese + Cantonese
Luong Bich Huu = Chinese + Canto/Viet
Chinese + CantoViet ~ Chinese + Cantonese
Raymond Lam ~ Luong Bich Huu

And there we have it ladies and gentlemen, the highly possible answer through practical application of some elementary algebra. This is why Math is important kids; stay in school :).

Anyway, besides the musical performance, audiences will also be able to enjoy a small fashion show by designer Ngo Nhat Huy.