I guess the VietNamese Full House won’t be such a bore afterall. Despite what you guys might think, and I know many of you will have your share of negativities for the following twists, I am actually quite glad the production isn’t planning on closely tailgating Full House‘s extensively drawn out romance. I am even moreso glad that there will be some classic VietNamese aspects to the drama like………..well, it’s just not “VietNamese” without some witty humor, a few puns, ratchety clothing here and there (see the bathing suits below), something supernatural, and at least one fiesty girl on girl catfight, right 😉 ?

of course Kieu Nhi (Tuong Vy) & Bao Yen (Thuy Tien) will take it to the pool (NNHP's official battleground)
Of course Kieu Nhi (Tuong Vy) & Bao Yen (Thuy Tien) will be the ones to take it to the pool (NNHP’s official battleground) this time

Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc
of course the head grab technique is used
of course Minh Minh (Minh Hang) will jump in and stop her so called friend from choking her love rival, Bao Yen (Thuy Tien)
of course there’s the backyard camping scene
of course the girl calls all the shots (notice the body language)

And get this:

of course they ALL get pregnant at the same time.

Wait what??…come again??
Now I am definitely looking forward to this drama. LMFAO. Except…why is Minh Hang & Thuy Tien‘s belly as big as Tuong Vy’s when that girl has been pregnant since God know when?

of course husbands Dinh Phong (Lam Truong) & Vuong Hoang (Luong Manh Hai) are happy
of course they show more PDA because they are happy
of course Lam Truong can only massage Thuy Tien’s legs since his real wife might get jealous of any actual  PDA

And of course Tuong Vy’s husband, Hieu Hien couldn’t make it to join in on the fun since he was probably too busy teaching the rest of the “Clash” crew how to pole dance.

Anyway, I’m not too sure if this is the end of filming or not, but I’m guessing these are one of the last few scenes? Although it would be rather dumb on their part to go and reveal the finale’s teasers right now when the drama won’t be airing for about another 3 months. All we can do now is patiently wait some more..