Why, it’s none other than Luong Bich Huu who, after presenting Raymond with her gift of the VietNamese Non La (leaf hat), received a sweet hug in return.

And despite her fugly wardrobe selection for the press conference some nights ago, we’ll give the girl props for not repeating that same mistake:

Good job.

Bao Thy was not any shabbier than miss glam up there neither except…. “shake ya tailfeather” anyone?

Ho Ngoc Ha, on the other hand, continues her “experimental” streak with a retro yellow dress thing. I don’t exactly know how to describe this oufit but it sure looks like it should’ve came with a safety precaution. Those sleeves look dangerous.

Some more photos from Raymond’s “Shake the Wind” concert last night in VietNam.

So who did Raymond end up doing his duet with? Or was there a duet at all?? Fuck if we know. Do you?