vu doo

As your source for up to date news,  we are proud to announce that, this year, Anaheim will be hosting its first ever  large-scale VietNamese Music Festival, otherwise known as–Battle of the Bands, on August 15th. As your source for music, we would like to introduce to you the first of the bunch: contestant Vu, aka VuDoo Soul. But as your source for gossip, we heard it through the grapevine that this “soul man” was  pretty impressive. 😉 And yes indeed, he is.  Check out the performances below:

song starts at about 1:20

Vudoo Soul does not look or sound like anything the music industry would traditionally label a “soul man”. However, driven by an unwavering desire to break that mold, Vudoo Soul is emerging as one of the freshest faces and styles in music today.

After graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the young singer found himself frustrated with the heartless expectations of a “real” career path. Thus, he abandoned his electrical engineering degree to follow his passion and chase the dream of music. With an unstoppable resilience, sharpened by a childhood on unforgiving streets, Vudoo Soul took matters into his own hands in order to create himself a space in the music industry. Despite his unlikely circumstances and a lack of any prior knowledge of music, he quickly became self-taught as a pianist and songwriter, developing a keen resourcefulness and relentless optimism in his hustle as music’s underdog.

Within 18 short months, his tireless work ethic gained him a nation-wide audience, performing for thousands of fans – from New York to Texas to California. Displaying an explosive stage presence and a booming voice of soul that betrays his appearance, Vudoo Soul has infamously garnered a “you-gotta-see-it-to-believe-it” reputation. In his unusual presence as a lead-vocalist in the Kuumba Singers Gospel Choir, he toured throughout Atlanta, GA leaving wildly supportive audiences in his wake. In September ‘05, he performed to an ecstatic sold-out crowd at a Hurricane Katrina-relief benefit on the Main Stage of New York City’s Knitting Factory, covered by MTV World News. Vudoo Soul dared to compete in various Apollo Night-style events, where audiences witnessed him beating the odds to win one title after the next. During his performance for ImaginAsian TV in New York, Vudoo Soul even caused Russell Simmons to interrupt his own media interview in order to catch him in action. Moreover, Vudoo Soul has now officially become an international entertainer with his April 2006 debut in Asia. Fans anticipation of his arrival has drawn major media coverage from HK Magazine and the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong’s premier English newspaper.

No one can deny the ever-growing audience that has consistently validated Vudoo Soul’s tremendous talent: Hollywood Finalist for American Idol Season 2, Winner of the Boston Black Student Union’s Apollo Night 2004, Grand Prize Winner of Kollaboration New York 2005, Grand Prize Winner of The New York Blackberry Soul, Two-time Champion of New York’s Training Camp Underground Hip-Hop/R&B Showdown, and most recently, Grand Prize Winner of Asian Elevation. Adoring fans of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds can’t be wrong. Yet, this is just the beginning.

As the recording and final production of his first official album approach, Vudoo Soul continues to travel and deliver his engaging performances with a heart-felt voice. His intense, yet tender nature inspires audiences everywhere with an emotional brilliance that moves and mesmerizes spirits through the power of a single soul and his song.

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