cast of kings

Waittt, don’t let the long hair, tattoos, and intimidating image scare you out of checking up on these guys just yet. For all it’s worth, this band is pretty damn awesome….but of course that’s coming from a rock fanatic so don’t take my word for it. Like I said, check them out yourself:

And by the way, I would totally love to see these  guys join in on next year’s Rock Storm tour and possibly even perform right next to Anh Khoa and/or Microwave. Talk about getting one hell of a show……………….a girl could only keep dreaming. 🙂

Cast of Kings, a Los Angeles based band, is best described as a “true” rock-n-roll band–one that combines intense vocals, catchy guitar riffs and a driving rhythm section to deliver a one of a kind knockout punch. Think if AC/DC, Aerosmith, Guns n’ Roses, Stone Temple Pilots and Kiss were to conceive a musical love child during a one-night stand, the product would be Cast of Kings. This group is poised to be the next band to emerge from the Los Angeles rock scene into the national spotlight.

With tremendous musicianship, explosive stage presence and an air of overall reckless abandon, Cast of King’s young and raw energy keeps the sound current and vital while paying tribute to the roots of rock. In 2008 the Album “Royal Feast” was recorded independently by the band and helmed by local producer Rev. Tom Chandler. In the 6 months in and out of the studio the band formed a tight personal unity, but still forged through creative differences and inner turmoil to create an amazing album that stands up next to many of the bands influences. “Stella” has been aired locally on Star 98.7 Ozo Local Show and C.O.K. were asked to play a station sponsored auto show in Anaheim Convention Center for a full house of guests. The song “Killer” made its premiere on Los Angeles’ Indie 103 fm just prior to the late 2008 CD release.

Cast of Kings has become a welcome addition at many LA hotspots and Clubs. The band frequently performs at The Viper Room, The Key Club, King King, the Dragonfly, The Good Hurt, 14 Below, The Whisky a Go-Go, the Saddle Ranch and the Cat Club.

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