ung dai ve

In 2007  after breaking free from popular boyband GMC, the name ‘Ung Dai Ve’ caused quite a stir amongst new-generation audiences with the help of his successful “2 Nam Sau/2 Years Later” Vol 1 solo album. Strategically, it’s been 2 years since and Ve is currently full of comeback plans for his Vol. 2 due sometime by the end of this year. Unlike “2 Years later,” whose genre ranged mostly along the lines of pop & pop ballads, his Vol 2 will experiment more with R&B songs, composed by himself.

Now as an independent artist no longer under Chanh Nam Entertainment,  Ve will also no doubt have much more responsibilities than what he’s used to, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the album doesn’t meet this guesstimated deadline. We’re used to it by now anyway. coughDongNhicough. In short, I loved his music; hated the lisp. Then again, he is full Chinese, so I suppose it’s understandable…although you would think that with being born and raised in VietNam, one could at least sound a little more native.

Here’s a little flashback to “2 years later” :

Vi Mot Nguoi/Cause of One Person (composed by Ung Dai Ve)

Anh Nho Em/I Miss You (composed by UDV & Nguyễn Hồng Hải)

Chuyen Bay 5 Gio/5 o’clock Flight (composed by UDV)

Ta Danh Mat Nhau/Resigned to Lose Each Other (composed by Kim Phước Bao)

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