Ung Hoang Phuc‘s new music company (WMA Records) that is. From Miss Teen 08 contestants to now aspiring singers, we almost saw that one coming. Almost.

Yet I nearly wasted a whole sigh upon hearing this news. There is just a very microscopic amount of confidence I’ll have in Phuc’s ability to manage anyone considering how bad he’s been managing himself so far. Since departing WePro  Entertainment and establishing WMA Records, the man has managed to release an extremely disappointing album, “Apology & Appreciation,” that I for one just cannot seem to take seriously, especially when  more than half of the album were foreign & domestic covers. Makes me wonder what he’ll have in store for these girls.

Huyen Baby (real name Đặng Ngọc Huyền), a high contender for the Miss Teen Crown, has recently made her acting debut in a TV crime series called “Mặt nạ hoàn hảo/Perfect Mask” and Hanh Sino (real name Nguyễn Mỹ Hạnh) whose musical background eventually helped her pocket the Miss talent & Miss Imusic title during Miss Teen 08 was previously just a small underground act.

These 2 are currently only in trainee-stage but will make their music debut sometime at the end of this year or early next’s. All I have to say now is, good luck (& I mean lots and lots and LOTS of luck). Don’t let Boss Phuc screw you over.

huyen baby


hanh sino


kelly, hanh sino, huyen baby

(L-R) Kelly Tu Anh, Hanh Sino, Huyen Baby