And the leads for this ghostly affair areeeEe:

ngan khanh & thanh thuc
Ngan Khanh & Thanh Thuc

The film tells the story of a girl who is passionate about dancing but ends up working as an exotic dancer to pay for her dance classes. Not allowing herself to be taken advantage of, however, she turns the table on her customers and exploits them instead. The girl finds work at a strange club and meets a captivating saxophonist. In the beginning, she tries to manipulate him, but instead a love blossoms between the two thanks to their shared interest in art.

ngan khanh belly dancing

Later to her astonishment, the girl discovers that the club is selling special pills which can revive and rejuvenate the dead. She then has her biggest revelation of all – her boyfriend is actually a ghost.

So….. it’s a movie about a stripper in love with a phantom saxophone player. I’m telling you, it’s just not a Vietnamese movie without something gone totally supernatural…and of course we also need a good catfight. I’d be disappointed if they forget that catfighting scene. 🙂

The script describes an eerie atmosphere and will make a romantic, moving, ghostly film which will likely appeal to an eclectic, wide audience – especially teenagers. According to Director Minh, the film will also convey profound underlying meanings.

Minh had spent days trying to figure out the perfect ending for the film, and eventually, came up with a fitting conclusion. The final message is that despite adversity, those who truly love each other will find a way to accept each other’s differences and trust one another.

Don’t Turn Around When in Love”  is one out of the 2 Tet-time movies  being invested by entertainment company Galaxy; the other one being “Nhat Ky Bach Tuyet/Snow White’s Diary”  featuring Vinh Thuy & Truong Tri Truc Diem.

Ngan Khanh, a new family member to Music Box Entertainment who had made her acting debut when she was 18 as Quỳnh Hương from the movie “Mầm sống/New Stem,” has also taken up big roles as Son Sony (Vũ điệu lâm thôn/Dance of the Villagers?), Ngọc (Hoa gió/Flower & Wind), Xuyến (Ghen/Jealousy), Vi (Gọi giấc mơ về/Recalling the Dream), Vy (Tường vi cánh mỏng/Tuong Vi the Delicate), Tím (Mây trắng ngang trời/White Clouds Across the Sky).

ngan khanh

Thanh Thuc, on the other hand, is only a model who has made cameo appearances in Cô gái xấu xí/Ugly Girl, Blog và người đẹp/Blog & Beauty, Siêu mẫu xì trum/Smurf Models, etc.

thanh thuc

Source: VietNamNet, Thanh Nien, & Ngoi Sao