phuong thanh & anh khoa

For the 3rd monthly airing of “Hoa Nhip Ban Tre,” singers Phuong Thanh, famous for her strong raspy voice & Pham Anh Khoa, famous for his rock music, had actually collaborated for this month’s theme being “Hát cùng bạn bè tôi/Singing with my Friends“. As these 2 came together with Microwave’s “Tim Lai/Rediscovering,” fans were teeming with excitement:

Here’s the original by Microwave:

But obviously that wasn’t suppose to be the highlight of the show. As always with the whole special foreign guest deal, this month’s show called for the invitation of Singaporean singer, Mei Xin, who was to do a duet with Thuy Tien. So let me get  straight to the point. The English version of Thuy Thien’s “Giac Mo Tuyet Trang/White Snowy Dream” was never meant to exist. They should’ve left that poor song alone:

thuy tien & mei xin

thuy tien & mei xin