……is seriously good. No, not just the overrated good, but like ondareall good. Check eet:

On the Kristine Sa Show:

This new up and coming Asian American band, Seriously is made up of four young men from Diamond Bar, California: Philip Park, 19 (drums); Chris Pham,19 (lead vocal); Josh Baek, 22 (bass) and Nathan Park, 19 (guitar).  The four guys began playing together in a local church and came together to compete in LA’s premier Asian American talent show, Kollaboration in 2006 where they won the Grand Prize with their song, “Irony”. Since their winning performance at Kollaboration, they were signed by Woody Pak, CEO/ producer of Chaos Theory Music and artist manager, Gloria Lee, to record an EP showing off their talent for melanchology yet fresh songwriting. Seriously’s music blends hints of K-pop (aka Korean pop music), Brit-pop and American rock & roll, and their songs display a signature melancholy-hued optimism with raw honesty.

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