So I guess it’s not limited to only female celebrities.

wanbi & sister mimi

Here are some more pictures from the game’s premiere party on July 29th. Seems like Quynh Nga‘s been busy lately, what with already being the spokesperson for Bayonetta and now even jumping in to host this premiere. Woman must really like doing cosplay.

Quynh Nga , Wanbi, Mimi, & Thanh Trung

Van Navy also showed up for the premiere, but looking muchhh better without her ridiculously long locks (of extensions).

van navy & Manh Quan
Teen singers Van Navy & Manh Quan

Even Luu De Ly, aka Lee Balan, surprises us all with her unexpected appearance. And even more unexpected when she, too, showed up in a lovely short crop. Looks like Vpop is finally veering away from the extremely long hair trend.  Could Minh Hang‘s recent hair makeover for “Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc” possibly be the catalyst for sparking this trend?

diem hang & luu de ly
Diem Hang (from Nhat Ky Vang Anh/Diary of Vang Anh) & Luu De Ly (from Tamagotchi & Chit va Pi)
van navy & luu de ly
(L-R) Van Navy’s sister–Trang Coco, Luu De Ly, & Van Navy.
wanbi & little sister mimi
Anyway, Wanbi & Mimi would definitely have my vote for most adorable pair of celeb siblings.

And if anyone is actually more interested in the game, itself, than these celebrities endorsing it, then here ya go.