Unlike the typical pop or rock genre one would generally associate with any music band, The Stemz, rides more along the lines of  reggaeton, funk, and what I would call hiphopoetry (I hope you all have already gotten used to me making up stupid words by now). Honestly, this would be my first (if not, second?) time experiencing such a group, and because it’s quite rare to find one that actually displays social awareness through their lyrics nowadays, they’d definitely receive some brownie  points from me.

The Stemz” is an OC based band fronted by veteran MC/vocalist Eric Malcomb. With elements of dancehall, roots reggae, funk, rock, and R&B, they are forging new musical ground with an original style, passion, a smooth flow, and strong catchy melodies. The Stemz have a spiritual and political message and strive to spread truth, hope, fight oppression, inspire activism, and expose injustice through their music.

Although political awareness is a concern of the group, the music is far from preachy. There is more of a positive message than anything else and the main goal of the band is to create fresh new sounds with a positive vibe.

the stemz

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