Oh man, it’s like recalling a long lost love. Actually, it’s like recalling 2 long lost loves–Thomas’ Apartment and Wongfu Productions…I used to be ALL up on these guys’ business. Goooood memories…. 🙂

And you’re going to have to turn your speakers veryy high to watch this pretty old interview:

A musical creation fusing hard-driving riffs, euphoric melodies, and serious lyrical depth, all while retaining an alternative-rock-pop sensibility, the universal din of THOMAS’ APARTMENT is the perfect soundtrack for the beginning of the 21st century – bold, inviting, and urgent, but just familiar enough to bring you to that warm place where everything is just right. After the success of their debut, self-titled 12-track album in 2004, Thomas’ Apartment is back with their brand-new second record, Synchrony, released Spring 2007.

The five members of Thomas’ Apartment bring a menagerie of talents to the stage, glued together by the winding tapestry of the 17 tracks that tell the story of Synchrony. Each track is a distinctly written chapter of their personal experiences, richly illustrating the intensity of living as minorities in America, whether experienced as pleasure or pain. Ranging from the arena-ready clamor of “In The Silence” to the down-trodden yet inspiring lyrics of “Blue Skies”, from the body-rocking grooves of “Temperature” to the cinematic orchestral movements of “Coda”, Synchrony absorbs like a “greatest hits” of the last 2 decades of rock.

Since 2000, Thomas’ Apartment has graced stages from small clubs to huge university amphitheaters to colossal venues like Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. With their captivating stage presence, tight-knit rhythms, and more hooks than a Home Depot, Thomas’ Apartment treats every show like a sell-out at the Staples Center. What started with humble beginnings in a Los Angeles apartment has erupted into the airwaves across America, and the fervor’s spreading fast – with no signs of slowing down.

Welcome to Thomas’ Apartment. And don’t forget to leave your shoes by the door.

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