luu de ly

Uh………………………………………isn’t she supposed to be in Poland filming for “Tamagotchi” or something? Furthermore, isn’t this teenybopper pageant also kindof out of her league??? I mean, girl’s already a designer, singer, actress, and the ex-girlfriend of big boss Tang Nhat Tue (which has got to count for something). These other girls already don’t stand a chance.

In terms of physical appearance, this year’s batch of 500+ contestants is a little disappointing in comparison to last year’s smaller number, but here are  some high contenders from VietChannel’s list of personal favorites (in no specific order) anyway:


Well of course she's on the list 🙂

Number: 472
Name : Lưu Đê Ly (aka Lee Balan)
Birth : Sept. 27, 1991
Height: 169
Weight : 48 kg
From : Ha Noi
Blog/web : leebalan (note-links to all these contestant’s blogs are no longer available so we can’t help you there)
Class/School : Cao đẳng nghệ thuật HN
Likes : Nấu ăn, mua sắm, tham gia các hoạt động tình nguyện…
Talent : singing, acting, & hosting shows
Goals : to become a good MC
Link :

nguyen hoai anh

She's on the list because I would kill to have her V-shaped jawline...and her adorable smile.

Number: 996
Full Name: Nguyễn Hoài Anh
Birthday: Oct. 12, 1990
Height: 160
Weight: 42 kg
From: Ha Noi
Blog/web: hoaianhmango
Class/School : fashion school London ( LCFS )
Likes: cooking, making pastries, draw, read, making people laugh, …
Talent: acting, designing, sing & dance, styling, MC-ing ….
Goals & dreams: Become a famous designer!

nguyen bich thuy

This one's here because of her big, bright eyes...and I do believe this is her 2nd time competing, so uh, girl must really want this title.

Number: 422
Full Name: Nguyễn Bích Thùy
Birthday: Aug. 31, 1991
Height: 160
Weight: 46 kg
From: Ha Noi
Blog/web: thuyxinh3108
Class/School: 12d1 THPT Trương Định
Likes: reading mangas, surfing the web, fashion, photography, watching movies, listening to music, drawing, traveling, cinema industry
Talent: singing, Mc-ing, posing for pictures, drawing, socializing, acting
Goals & dreams: To participate in Miss Teen to exchange & learn each other’s experiences & become a professional fashion designer.


Well known as 'the girl that hangs out with Kelbin Lei (VN's most famous hotboy next to Chan Than San)', Fendi is already at '3660 Friends' on Facebook. >.<

Number: 280
Fullname: Nguyễn Hoàng Nhật Uyên (aka Fendi)
Birthday: July 18, 1990
Height: 163
Weight: 43 kg
From: HCMC
Blog/web: zfendiz
Class/School: Nguyễn Tất Thành College
Likes: listening to music, watching movies
Talent: singing, dancing, cooking, hanging out with friends , readng
Goals & dreams: to become a successful business woman

pham thanh tam

If you have ever visited any VietNamese teen websites, chances are you probably have seen her pictures before--from online games to clothing stores, Tam Tit has endorsed almost everything there is for teen models to endorse out there.

Number: 610
Full Name: Phạm Thanh Tâm (aka Tam Tit)
Birthday: Oct. 16,1990
Height: 165
Weight: 47 kg
From: Ha Noi
Blog/web: congtymadona
Class/School: student of THPT Hồ Xuân Hương – Ha Noi
Likes: Music & Fashion
Talent: Dancing & Singing
Awards/Honours : Top 12 outstanding Northern beauties in the Người đẹp hoa anh đào/Beautiful Cherry Blossoms pageant.
Goals & dreams: Follow the entertainment industry and be an artist, actress, & professional model.


Also as Kelbin Lei & Kelly Tu Anh's friend (I swear, it's like you have to go through rigorous tryouts to hang in this clique), Tiffiny has managed to gain followers of her own, too.

Number: 1379
Fulename: Mai Phương Thảo (aka Tiffiny)
Birthday: Sept. 8, 1991
Height: 162
Weight: 44 kg
From: Lâm Đồng
Blog/web: thaomp
Class/School: Student
Likes: hanging out with friends, travel, shopping, & watching cartoons
Talent: singing, photography, acting in front of a camera
Awards/Honours: Miss Bloger 2008
Goals & dreams: Become a good entrepreneur. Other than to learn more about socializing, I joined this competition I want to have more confidence and discover more talents about myself. Connect myself more to the rest of my community and friends and learning more from everyone’s experiences.

SoOoOoooooooooo. Out of the 6 mentioned above…