No I mean like…he’s really up in flames.

tim cat vu

So anyway, Tim’s “Doi Mat/Face to Face Vol 2” was officially released yesterday morning on August 3rd. I don’t know if it had anything to do with Thien Thi not being around to personally keep his singing in check anymore, but in all honesty, the boy’s pacing in most of this album was pitiful. As in, it’s really not necessary to break after every syllable, Tim. Not to mention, other than an exceptional few, the songs were also quite disappointing. Maybe that’s just me being picky, but still, I’ll spare you all the details.

Here’s the tracklist.

01. Dieu Em Khong Biet/Things you didn’t Know (cover of Khanh Phuong’s “Bong Dung Yeu Em/Suddenly I Love You”)
02. Nuoc Mat Dem Thau/Tears collected at night
03. 1 Van Nam 1 Con Thuyen/1 thousand years, 1 boat
04. Mon Qua Vo Gia/Priceless Present
05. Hoi Tiec/Regret (Feat. LeO)
06. Trai Tim Bang/Frozen Heart
07. Ho Hung/Indifference
08. Thu Tha/Forgiveness (Feat. LeO)
09. Den Long Bay Cao/High Flying Lantern
10. Tim/Heart
11. Tinh Mo/Love Dream

Because we didn’t think the rest of the MVs were even worthy of being embedded here, feel free to go Youtube it yourself or something. 🙂