Now that her Vol 1. album is being heavily promoted and especially with hype for it’s 30 minute mini movie (Oh god, please don’t pull another “Song Yen the Movie“), it seems like most people have been expecting Thien Minh to be the one helping her in promotions. But what’s this with Baggio in the scene and carrying her in his arms and whatnot?

khong tu quynh & baggio

Well, it’s just a random event by some shampoo company where she agreed to attend and coincidentally, Baggio was also their spokesperson. And in helping her get up onto the stage, Baggio took it upon himself to lend her his two manly arms while the surprised Khong Tu Quynh, could only happily melt in his arms.  Ok, that might’ve been a little exaggerated but she was grinning from ear to ear. This sweet little public sign of affection stunt, in response, called for the hundreds of teenybopper fanboys and fangirls attending that night to be in both shock and awe.

khong tu quynh & baggio

So now with Tonny Viet, Thien Minh, and Baggio all in her radar, who's next? 😉

Having a strong man around must be very convenient cause y’know… climbing stairs are so last week and all. Or maybe he just heard about her weight loss problems and figured he should be gentlemanly…..this must be the perks of being a young, attractive, underweight singer.

khong tu quynh & baggio

But it does look like the girl has finally gained some meat. Her legs are actually looking a healthy size again.


In less fan-girlish news, Khong Tu Quynh’s Vol 1 “Dau Tay/Strawyberry’s Story” will officially be released August 9th. What already sucks about this album, though, is that her & Tonny Viet’s extremely successful hit duet “Lanh/Cold” will be omitted. Yea, wtf was NewGen thinking exactly? But anyway, here are some behind-the-scenes photos from the MV’s shooting.

khong tu quynh

khong tu quynh

khong tu quynh behind the scenes


khong tu quynh (4)

khong tu quynh (5)



khong tu quynh & thien minh