nooph thinh

As much as I may be against covers and borrowed concepts, I figured just because you harshly criticize someone for going down this path does not mean it’ll stop… So, as long as rights were legally bought and  it doesn’t suck so horribly, then what the fuck, right? I mean, if even I was able to come into accords with this sad aspect of any entertainment industries….you all can too. Afterall, music has no boundaries and honestly, it doesn’t really matter how many of those Youtube videos those Bao Thy antis might make for the sole purpose of disclosing her dirty laundry to our foreigner friends, the thing is, not only are they revealing an embarrassment to our industry but the actual embarrassment are those hardcore antis that seem to only be giving the artist more publicity. But I guess when you really dislike someone, people don’t tend to think beyond the obvious do they.

Anyway, with that being said, it turns out that Noo’s mysterious second “Boys Over Flower OST” cover (the one he’s been hinting since his “Mat Em” days) will be “Stand by Me.” Apparently, there will also be a little MV , due September 1st, where Noo will once again reunite with Mina Lieu.

There is just one thing I’m curious about though–why the hell did his music company not chose to make a MV for “100% Love You” since that seems to be his bigger hit? And being under the same agency as Thuy Tien (who writes almost all of her own songs) you think she could at least lend him a song or two…I will never quite understand what these VietNamese labels are thinking…