nam ninja

They don’t call him the Bruce Lee of music for nothing.

Nam Ninja is an open minded singer/songwriter from San Diego who enjoys collecting vinyl, trying to surf, reading, writing poetry, and performing. He’s always had a passion for the arts and likes to dabble in graphic design, photography, and film. While his music can be described as a mix of punk, hip-hop, and reggae, Nam does not write to any particular style. He is sort of an anomaly, at times he is very shy and soft spoken but he’s an entertainer so he’ll make you laugh and engage you when you least expect.

In a bio paraphrased into a single sentence by the ninja himself, Nam describes himself as “a wandering guitarist making allies and kick ass music in the search for glory.” I couldn’t agree more.

But, what might just be even sexier than a guy that can sing, is definitely one that knows how to handle his nunchucks ;):

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