Like I said, Vpop sure has been interesting lately in terms of what some of these stars are actually donning onstage. SO. That’s where we come in an highlight these notables.

1.  First off, we have the model turned actress turned singer–Quach An An, who chose to appear on Yeah1TV’s “Hot Music” show looking like some kind of exotic bird….


But for her second time around, while it looked like those feathers were finally returned to it’s proper species, Miss An throws on a classier turquoise sequined dress instead.  Talk about stunning:


2. Remember that yellow costume Ho Ngoc Ha wore to perform at Raymond Lam‘s concert in VietNam? The one with the dangerous looking sleeves looking a lot like this:

ho ngoc ha

Well, we found its tragic bottom half during the “Dem Saigon/Saigon Night” concert on August 8:

ho ngoc ha

3. As for Akira Phan, he too felt the need to make a fashion statement of his own. With shorts, gladiator sandals, and shades at night, I’ll give him 50 YIKES.  3 for what I just listed and 47 for just because.

akira phan

4. Next we have Yen Trang–the one who kept telling us she “didn’t want to change her mind” but ended up doing so anyway since this time, instead of the ugly jewel studded nude suit, girl opted out for pleather & a busty Vong 1 instead.  To be honest though, both ain’t workin.

yen trang


5. With so many ‘bads’ and ‘uglies’, I figured there should at least be another ‘good’….So are you reeeady?

johnny tri nguyen


Well dayummm, Johnnyy. I didn’t think a vertical striped suit could  ever look this delicious o.O

6. Anyway, you probably knew Ngo Thanh Van was next. And if you didn’t, shame on you.  I mean, practically the rest of the world knows about their creepy ‘always-be-within-20m-of-each other’ thing by now. But you know what else is creepy? Her Cruella DeVil inspired outfit.

ngo thanh van

7. And last but not least, we have RnB singer Phan Dinh Tung. Actually, I’m quite indifferent towards his ensemble but heyyy, did ya’ll know he made a whole song about his bald head? Yea, well I think I have a new favorite song now….

phan dinh tung