6789 day

So apparently, today is a very important day, not because it’s back to school for me & L in approximately a few hours, but because in VietNam, right now, everyone is out and about celebrating 6789, also known as “San Bằng Tất Cả/Straighten Everything”, day. (consecutive digits~straight digits)

Anyway, if you guys haven’t already noticed…our people seem to be quite the superstitious bunch–especially when it comes to “numbers”..So uh, let me break it down for you. In VietNam, there are such things as pretty numbers, ugly numbers, and lucky numbers (which is pretty much a pretty number). The pretty numbers are usually the ones that people can easily remember like 2222, 7531 (all odds backwards), 0101, or …..idk, you get the picture. So even when they’d go get a license plate or a phone number in VietNam, there would be this pricing chart where all the “prettier” set of numbers would cost more while the other random sets would cost less (don’t worry, I thought it was pretty ridiculous too). But yea, 6789 would fall under that pretty category.

So what exactly are we supposed to do today? Nothing really… just the usual teenagerly things… update your Facebook/Twitter status, send people text messages like “Hope you 6789 (straighten everything) that’s been difficult today”, and then go hangout or do something productive. It’s just that the thing with people today, though, is that everyone would try to time everything  out so that the numbers could consecutively last even longer…like say, if someone’s birthday was today, the luckiest time of the the day  to wish them “Happy Birthday” would, of course, be 3:04 & 5 seconds since it would string together the extremely beautiful number: 3456789. But haaaahHa, really. What would I know about “pretty numbers”?