dang khoi

After a long period of laying low due to some supposed conflict between him & Dan Truong over the ‘Taiwan-Vietnam Tourism Ambassador’ title near the end of last year, it has just been announced that Dang Khoi will be the only foreign guest to attend the “Korea Music Festival 2009” in SokCho.

On this Tuesday, the 11th, he & his manager from company “Thế Giới Âm Nhạc/The world of Music” will be flying to Korea to prepare for a performance on the 12th of this August. Before returning on the 15th, he will have a photoshoot in the cities of SokCho & Seoul for his Vol. 7 album on the 13th-14th.

The music festival, by Korean company TNC, will be 4 days in running and feature artists like SNSD, SHINee, Kara, 4Minute, Sori, Chung Lim, 8Eight… It will also air on 3 major channels & many minor ones there like Comedy TV, DRAMAX, Y-STAR TV, TV ON, CYWORLD…

dang khoi

PS: He’s also the one with the fionee as hell acting brother, Dang Nguyen. 😉 See the resemblance?

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Yea, too bad he’s married.