How unfortunate…

Since yesterday, Khong Tu Quynh‘s debut album was leaked online and have since been spreading endlessly  to many other music forums although the official release date is not until tomorrow-August 9th.

Quynh found out about this news when a fan approached & told her while she was in Can Tho for a show. Apparently all the tracks on the album have been leaked online and NewGen is now taking initiatives to crack down on the perpetrator. Without any signs of the 30 minute mini movie to also be leaked anytime soon, though, Khong Tu Quynh expresses that this luckily might not affect her album sales too much.

“This news came as a total shock and I am even more sad since it is my first album, celebrating the 1 year anniversary of my Dau Tay image on this journey. Tomorrow is when the album will actually hit shelves, so hopefully fans will be supporting me & NewGen by getting a copy.”

Anyway, here’s the complete tracklist:

01 Sánh Đôi (OnlyC)
02 Giấc Mơ Yêu Anh (Đỗ Phương)
03 Tin Vào Anh (Đỗ Phương)
04 Nhớ Lắm (Đăng Thiện, Kim Ngân)
05 Chuyện Ngày Mưa (Thảo Châu, Gia Đoàn)
06 Từ Trong Ngày Nắng (Thảo Châu, Gia Đoàn)
07 Lời Yêu Trong Gió (Duyên Hương)
08 Hai Nửa Tình Yêu (Trần Đức Công) (Feat. Romeo Trần Đức Công)
09 Ký Ức Buồn (Đăng Thiện – Anne)
10 Rồi Mưa Cũng Rơi (ft. Hoàng Tôn) (Vương Anh Tú)
11 Cây, Lá & Gió (Nguyễn Hoàng Linh) (Feat. Đăng Khôi, Thiên Minh)

Bonus Tracks:
12 Tiệm Bánh Dâu Tây (Thảo Châu, Gia Đoàn)
13 Xe Buýt Hai Tầng (Thảo Châu, Gia Đoàn)
14 Vòng Xoay Ngựa Gỗ (Thảo Châu, Gia Đoàn)