vo hoang yen

The organising board of the Miss Universe 2009 pageant began shooting interview video clips with contestants on August 3. All of them had to answer three questions: Tell us interesting things about your country that others may not know; what has concerned you the most about participating in Miss Universe? if you had three wishes, what would they be?

The answer to the first question by Vietnam’s Hoang Yen was: “Vietnam is our country. Perhaps you don’t know that our people have a great sense of humour. There is one thing that you will never forget in Vietnam, and that is food. Vietnamese food is very delicious. If you’ve tasted it once, you will never forget!”

The Vietnamese representative said she wasn’t concerned about the competition or challenges in this pageant but the long flight to the Bahamas. However, Hoang Yen said that terrible feeling disappeared when she arrived in the Bahamas.

About the three wishes, the 22-year-old girl said: “The first thing, I always wish that our world would not have war, crime and everybody could live in peace. The second thing, I wish that my family is always happy and my parents are always healthy. I think two wishes are enough for me, because I live for my family and my parents.” (VietNamNet)

My thoughts about this interview?

1. Maybe it was because she was a little sick with the flu before, but her face is looking pretty dull. Not her best presentation.

2. There is just something about the way she talks that really bugs me.

3. Slouching? no-no.

4. The strong accent….well I actually thought it was cute. Hahaha, I mean, what’s VietNam without our signature accent? You just have to love it.

5. Very sincere and sweet answers.

6. No stuttering, very natural & straightforward.

7. Overall, we’ll give her a rating of 3.86969435342 out of 5.

But good luck anyway 😉