phuong vy

Aww, is that modesty for “I’m still looking?” 😉

In a recent interview with Zing when asked where her emotions come from when singing love ballads, the VietNam idol reveals that although she is now 21, she has never really felt deeply in “love”. The feelings she put into a song indirectly comes from the guidance of her mother’s own love stories. Her mother is also a singer while her dad is an instrumentalist, so through her parent’s guidance it’s only predictable that she too would pursue music.

Phuong Vy & dad at some charity event

Phuong Vy & dad at some charity event

Anyway, here are a few more questions I found interesting:

– Because everything else is taken care of by the company while Vy only has to sing, have you ever felt uncomfortable and restricted?

– My company has a very organized way of doing things and will bring up an issue to discuss it  and voice any other suggestions together. If I don’t think something is right, I have the right to speak up, therefore the company isn’t being forceful at all. Like when chosing songs, anh Duc Tri (head of Music Faces) will let me test out all the newly composed songs, then ask me what songs I don’t like and why. After that, he’ll explain why I should sing that song and we’ll discuss it together. So like that, I understand the songs more and can put more emotions to it. Every month I will send my school schedule to my manager, Hoa, and he will arrange my working schedule based on my classes since education is still my priority. With that I would still have some free time for my own entertainment. Believe it or not, I have never missed a movie showing in theaters.

– It seems like you have been singing more and more songs in English. Is this a way of breaking through to the rest of the world?

– This is not only my ambition, but Music Faces as well. But it’s only an introduction to small areas. If there was a chance, I would even want to release an all English album, although I think I would need more a lot more practice. Actually as an RMIT (the same school as Tang Thanh Ha, I think) student, English won’t be too much of a problem since I have to speak it daily in classes. To simply put it, the English songs would just add more colors to an album.