Just what we need: another case of an overworked star…

And I would totally see why with a schedule this booked:
8/4 show in Da Nang,
return to HCMC to practice for the “Dem Ngan Sao” show
8/6 “Dem Ngan Sao”
8/7 – 3 shows in Ca Mau.
8/9 – charity event for “Phu Nu” magazine; Thu Thuy‘s Candy liveshow

After 5 continuous days of nothing but a filled itinerary of work, it seems like all that lack of sleep has finally caught up with the teen star. After returning home from Thu Thuy’s show, Huy was reported to have fainted in his house & was immediately brought to the hospital. As it was already obvious, the doctor¬† had said that it was indeed just exhaustion & lack of sleep. Almost right after he was given 2 IV bags of saline solution, Huy had made his leave and is now back to running shows…He will be flying to Da Nang tomorrow morning (right now in VietNam)¬† for 1 day and then back to HaNoi to join the tour around the northern provinces from Aug. 11 to 18. Apparently his calendar for August is also completely full…With an experience like that, you’d think he’d learn… But hey, he did promise to take better care of his health this time around. …o.O