Yea, I know what all you nasties are thinking…. As much as I know y’all would much rather read about something as scandalous as “Vinh Thuy being on Thanh Tuyen” let’s get our mind out of the gutter shall we?


But first off, the clarification on her plastic surgery rumours, because y’know…..for some unidentified  and unexplainable reason…it seems that if one is beautiful nowadays in VietNam (yes, I think Tuyen is perfection, or pretty darn close) then one must be the product of a skilled plastic surgeon. Three words: Bull  fucking shit. Excuse the colorful language but since when did it become physically impossible for a person to be beautiful without being enhanced by modern day technology? Rare-maybe, impossible? I think not…

Anyway, in an  interview with the August edition of 2!Dep Magazine featuring VietNam Supermodel Contest’s runner up, the interviewer had put the model on an awkward spot with the following statement: “A friend of mine had specifically defined you like this:  Thanh Tuyen — a full/thick lipped supermodel, radiant like a pageant Miss, and beautiful in the style of being polished by the hands of a pumping, cutting,  sewing, etc etc doctor.” Do you have anything to say to him?

Tuyen, in response, smiled and gave a very sweet & polite answer:

You can pass him my Thank You message but I’ll just take the first half all until the word “polished.” As for the last portion, it’s a present I’ll have to turn down, can you please return it for me? 🙂

So for anyone that missed the implied message, Tuyen is denying such things. You’re probably thinking, “Well of course she’s going to deny it” but hey, everyone’s entitled to their own judgments..although….in the end of the day, does it really matter?

huynh thanh tuyen

huynh thanh tuyen (2)

In this same interview Vinh Thuy, also a first runner up winner for this year’s VietNam Supermodel Contest, was quoted on his first impression about Huynh Thanh Tuyen:

The first time I met Tuyen was during one of my first photoshoots as a model, but at that time, I honestly did not expect that 3 years later, we would be standing right next to each other getting the same silver prize in the same contest.

Vinh Thuy (middle) & Thanh Tuyen (right) recieving Silver prizes in the VN Supermodel contest.

Vinh Thuy (middle) & Thanh Tuyen (right) recieving Silver prizes in the VN Supermodel contest.

My first impression of her was that she was very pretty and that her smile revealed a very charming dimple. But, at first, I also thought she would be arrogant & cold..We’ve known each other for a long time now but it was during the VN Supermodel contest that we were able to conversate as friends. She might be very good at numerous things but she can never win in a game of Ca Rô (kindof like connect 5). The funniest part, though, is that she would actually go home and study the game just to try to beat me…haha. Oh, and I also have a talent of knowing many magic tricks so each time I finished performing one, her eyes would always be wide open with surprise and then won’t stop begging me to teach her. At that time, she looked really cute, just like a child.

AwwWwwwwWWW, is it just me, or does this sound like a public confession of some sort? ;D