dong nhi & baggio

So I actually don’t know who I’d like to see more with Dong Nhi… half of me is rooting for the Kien-Nhi couple, and then the other part is all for Dong Nhi & Baggio. But uhh, that actually had no relevance to the real piece of news I meant to share…:)

What I really meant to say is, Dan Truong‘s set of 40 thieves have finally been disclosed and it looks like Dong Nhi & Baggio will once again take part in stirring up trouble as students. Their class will also include Phương Trinh, Vương Nhi, Văn Anh Duy, Đặng Phương Hà, Bạch Công Khanh, & Hoàng Long

Singer/actress Hai Au will play Mr. Tuan's (Dang Truong) stepmother.

Here are a few pictures from the  “Nhất Quỷ Nhì Ma/Devils first, Ghosts second” press conference on August 11th.

dong nhi & baggio


Well, Baggio seems ready for the role.


Nguyệt Ánh as Ms. Thư Cầm, Mr. Tuan's colleague & love interest

baggio & dong nhi

Baggio as Hoàng Huy, the badass leader of male clique in class

Dong Nhi will also be personally writing insert songs for this teen series.

“Nhat Quy Nhi Ma”, made possible by the cooperation of HTV, TvPlus, & Cty VietCast, will be directed by Đặng Lưu Việt Bảo and is set to air on Decemeber 15th of this year.

Nhất Quỷ Nhì Ma