dan truong cafe

Honestly. There IS an entrepreneurial side to anyone inhabiting VietNam–usually evident in the form of some kind of cafe or clothing store. Doubt? Here’s to name an infinitesimal few (ok, that was a little redundant):

Siu Black

Hai Bang (from May Trang)
Kelbin Lei
Dam Vinh Hung

Chan Than San
Kelly & Sam
Takej Minh Huy
Yumi (from Sugar band)

Anywayy, his cafe, called #Bo Music, will officially open in September. But we don’t know where it is either so can’t help ya’ll there 🙂 Actually, if anyone could make out what it says under “289” on the left pillar in the picture above, then there ya go.

As for his girlfriend news (woah what? Anh Bo has girlfriend news?!) Dan Truong still refuses to share his private matters. When asked about rumours of him dating some VietNamese girl living abroad, Truong replies that he would like to keep this on the DL in his best interest of protecting this other “person”. So there you go ladies and gentlemen, seems like there really is a person…. out there….afterall….goodjob Anh Bo.