bobby valentino & ung dai ve

As we’ve reported before Ung Dai Ve is getting ready for his Vol 2 comeback in which fans have been continuously teased with from one stage performance to another. But in fact, the ultimate teaser was actually this little one and a half minute  low-quality demo of his new anticipated single “Nơi Mặt Trời Buông Xuống/Where the Sun sets” — released a while ago.

Other than his “cat got my tongue” lisp, what I also couldn’t help but notice, 2 seconds into the demo, was that the song’s introduction beat sounded an awful lot like Bobby Valentino‘s “Anonymous“:

But knowing how generic that particular beat is while keeping his  clean musical record in mind, we’ll grant him benefit of the doubt and call it a mere coinky dink. Especially with all of his up-to-date music being originals in which most were self-composed/written. Sampling music (not that that’s entirely a bad thing either) just wouldn’t seem like a very Ung Dai Ve thing to do. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

Anyway, here’s a recent stage performance of his latest digital single “Nuoc Mat/Tears” on THVL’s “Loi Chao Tuoi Teen/Teen Greetings.”

Not a bad release, but definitely not his best either….