thuy tien cong vinh

Well kindof. I mean in a sense, they were technically at the same place during the same time. Maybe not “hand in hand” together (the guy in the red was just a front :)) but as if we didn’t already know what’s really going on. And since my math skills are so beastly, I actually took the liberty of adding one and one together…thus, concluding that Cong Vinh & Thuy Tien are indeed dating. But then again, the last time I tried calculating something, Raymond Lam ended up not doing a duet at all. o____________=

Anyway, this special occasion was actually a ‘kill-2-birds-with-1-stone” celebration for 1) the grand opening of  Công Vinh – Sơn restaurant (a partnership invested by Cong Vinh & Hồng Sơn–both famous soccer players)  and 2) the 1st birthday of Hong Son’s kid.

Apparently, Cong Vinh, his little sister Kanh Chi, and Thuy Tien, had also arrived together way before the event began to prepare. Aww, they’re already sounding like a family….

cong vinh

Hong Son (red shirt) & Cong Vinh (olive shirt)

Singer Dam Vinh Hung, the godbrother of both Vinh & Son,  was also later present for the party.