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It has been confirmed in the latest edition of 2! Magazine that our soccer stud Cong Vinh and Vpop star Thuy Tien are indeed the real deal. Thuy Tien herself reveals that  the relationship began way back in February when they first met/collaborated for a spread in 2! Magazine’s Valentine’s Day special. “We got along well and fell in love almost right away.” They have been in contact since and have been dating now for about 5 months (I’m guessing.. since it was a month after the shoot that Vinh officially asked her out).

thuy tien cong vinh

But like how most happy news are usually followed by a not-so-happy one…we are of no exception. With the  official breaking news of Vpop’s very own Vic-Beck couple just publicized the other day, paparazzis have yet to even catch a glimpse of  the  2 doing anything lovey dovey before having to first catch them say  goodbye.


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8:30 PM Aug. 21

thuy tien cong vinh

Thuy Tien & Cong Vinh's mother caught shedding tears

It was announced that Cong Vinh will be leaving to Portugal for the next 4 months in hopes of becoming the #18 player for a soccer top-league called Leixoes. So while Vinh will be going through rigorous training in a foreign country about 10,000 km away, Thuy Tien will be at home going about with her usual business on-stage. But with such an extensive distance and time period in-between, what are their chances of a happy ending?

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An hour later at 9:30-- Thuy Tien also had to fly back to Saigon

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Thuy Tien & Khanh Chi (Cong Vinh's little sister)

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