Zing's top 5

Honestly, this is probably the best lineup of songs I’ve seen on Zing so far. Not to say that these are the best of Vpop out there, but it’s definitely better than what’s been crawling up this list in the past.

Tan Bien/Disappear – M4u ft. Nguyen Hai Phong

My Apologies – Ho Ngoc Ha ft. Suboi

Gia vo yeu – Ngo Kien Huy

100% Love You – Noo Phuoc Thinh

Boi Roi – Dong Nhi

But actually, the only reason I am finally reporting about Zing’s chart this week is mostly because of my satisfaction with M4U‘s “Tan Bien” at #1. Ever since the song made its debut a few months back, I have been expecting it to be a big chart topper but has continuously been disappointed to see it no where close…all until now, of course. It’s about time. Unlike most romantic ballads dominating mainstream these days, “Tan Bien” is actually one with substance and meaningful lyrics. I’d say it’s a deserving slot.

As for Ho Ngoc Ha‘s “My Apologies,” I’m sure most people could already see why it’s trailing close  in second. “Gia Vo Yeu” on the other hand made its debut earlier in the year and well, I’m just surprised it’s still lurking around on this chart. And then we have Noo Phuoc Thinh’s “100% Love You” …..so his dancing and decision-making skills might not be the bomb dot com but his voice sho is.  Although I must say…if we hear one more cover from that boy after “Stand By Me,”  Vietchannel might just have to boycott him altogether. And then, last but not least is the monthly chart topping hit by Dong Nhi. Well the other one next to her epic “Khoc/Cry” hit.  So anyway, here is me expressing my feelings about “Boi Roi” in 6 simple words: Love the song, HATE the English. I’m sure most of us would agree on that?