Actually, I meant the one in his “Mat Em” MV is. Looks like the song’s success not only created enough publicity for the singer himself, but is also beginning to rub off on the random model in the clip.

Liêu Ngọc Quyên (an 88-er), who goes by Mina Lieu, is currently a Junior majoring in interior designing at the  Tôn Đức Thắng University.  Her participation in many teen magazines and already 15 commercials promoting famous brands such as Lipton, Suzuki, Coca Cola, Vietnamobile, and Vinaphone has finally earned her an official “hotgirl” title in the world of Vpop.

Dynamite Candy

KFC (first few seconds)

Suzuki Revo

P/S toothpaste

But Mina’s greatest accomplishment up-to-date is  of course interior designing-related. After establishing a relatively small  company called Edecor with a friend at the same school, they have already gotten orders from the famous brand name Levi’s. As an art student (and an ex-aspiring interior designer), I, myself find her creations wonderful. With an overall sophisticated and sleek style, it’s still not lacking the fun element..and of course, the incorporation of a modern touch. If there’s anything negative to be said at all, it would probably only be that her designs are looking a bit too conventional, but hey, it’s always nice to see some actual hotgirls with some real talent to their self-made fame these days……I mean, what? Are Midu, Sam, & Luu De Ly the only deserving ones out of the bunch being randomly labeled so?