dong nhi & baggio 2

Well, they certainly have that whole matching camera-whoring couple look down.

In other news, as most of us would’ve probably already guessed it after finding out that these two are once again reuniting  as classmates, Dong Nhi & Baggio will of course be destined to fall in love. The script has it that Dong Nhi’s character in “Nhat Quy Nhi Ma/Devils First, Ghosts Second” named Kỳ Thư, will be a rather complex girl whose bratty & nosy attitude rightfully earns her the “siêu thị thông tin/supermarket of information/gossip queen” nickname. On the outside, Ky Thu passes as an outgoing & rebelling teen, but on the inside, she’s also has her weak spots. For example, Mr. Tuan (played by singer Dan Truong) who Ky Thu will be crushing big on at the beginning of the series.

On the other hand, Baggio will be playing Hoàng Huy, the other trouble maker of the class  to be calling all the shots in his clique of male friends.

dong nhi & baggio (2)

So. We have a Ms. Class Gossip and a Mr. Badass placed in the same infamous senior class under the same  amateur teacher. It doesn’t really take much to predict that these two will eventually end up having the hots for each other–which by the way, is a very accurate prediction. But before the full-blossomed romance, the relationship only begins developing through their mutual hate towards each other. All in all, it’s basically the typical teen-idol series stuff… plus Dan Truong.